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Christian Kjellvander - WILD HXMANS

In days like these, dominated by dark clouds of marginalisation and isolationism, an artist like Christian Kjellvander is absolutely critical to our spiritual salvation. The Swedish singer-songwriter embraces the foreign, the unknown and seeks out the most profound sense of humanity. Take the title of his ninth album “WILD HXMANS”: something is different, disconcertingly so. Christian Kjellvander slips us an X for a U. He forces us to think, sets our senses on edge. We cast our vote with an X, but we also use it to blot out a mistake. “Cross it out and forget about it – if this is how people treat each other, then we have a problem”, Christian Kjellvander suggests.

Through seven raw, compelling songs between folk, blues, Americana and free jazz, the 42-year- old speaks to us of farewells and departures, of escape and the sensation of arriving in a new world. In doing so, he crafts a sound which breathes peacefully, pulsating as he surges headlong from intimacy into...

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Upcoming shows

  • Feb 28 Aabenraa @ Red Room
  • Feb 29 Braunschweig @ Staatstheater - Musik Bei Freunden
  • Mar 1 Münster @ Fachwerk
  • Mar 2 Zürich @ El Lokal
  • Mar 4 Pavia @ Downtown
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  • Kjellvandertonbruket, "Doom country", out 28th of feb 2020. Jan 19
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