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A Village: Natural Light

Christian Kjellvander - A Village: Natural Light

In regards to the album “A Village Natural Light” by Christian Kjellvander

I am writing to you as a fan and as a friend of Christian Kjellvander. I have been calling myself this since 2002 when I met Christian as he was about to release his fine album “Songs From A Two-Room Chapel”. I've been writing these things ever since…… a friend and as a fan. This has become a truly special time. I was sitting in Christian's kitchen in Malmö when he picked up a guitar and played the album Faya in its entirety. I was sitting in his living room in Rynge when he played me the final mix of I Saw Her From Here/I Saw Here From Her. He was at my house in Denmark when he played me the demos for Rough and the Rynge. When Christian bought an old church in a tiny swedish village I brought my family. We stayed there right before he started recording The Pitcher. Walking around that big beautiful room, hearing how beautiful it sounded and knowing that this sound would be captured on many...

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Upcoming shows

  • Oct 13 London @ Betsy Trottwood
  • Nov 7 Växjö @ Kafe Deluxe
  • Nov 8 Kalmar @ Söderport
  • Nov 9 Malmö @ KB
  • Nov 10 Gislaved @ Kulturplatån
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  • European tourdates 2019. Sep 16
  • New record, Wild Hxmans. Releasedate October 26th, Sep 9
  • New tourdates! Sep 9
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