Christian Kjellvander - The Pitcher

The Pitcher

artist Christian Kjellvander
title "The Pitcher"
format CD
no. TR273 / CD 978502
release November 1, 2013

Christian Kjellvander is one of the few who just keeps doing it, without compromise, without looking back and with only albums as the incentive. "The Pitcher" is his fifth solo record since the 2002 debut "Songs from a two-room chapel". Recorded in an old church on the Swedish countryside this massive piece of work is perhaps his most elegant and well-crafted album to date.

I see Christian driving his Subaru Forrester across the back roads of Sweden. The road is as straight and as minimalistic as can be. To the left an ancient forest. To the right a canyon. Between the lines - eloquence.

In the back seat is the cornerstone of his new album. A guitar with associations to Leonard Cohen, an amplifier that once belonged to Neil Young and a voice as deep as the honesty it spells. We often glorify, romanticize, mystify the laborious, but we tend to forget that they are among us now.

In an old church on the Swedish countryside - that is both home to Christian's family and his work - with help from friends, family and players from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra - The Pitcher has evolved. Carved from words, notes and memories, starting with the opening chord progression of "The Mariner" - the sweet documentary ballad of cutting your past away for the sake of another's future -, via the midlife interruptions of "The Zenith Sunset" towards the truthful hymn "The Bloodline" the clarity is mesmerizing.

After the reawakening of Loosegoats and 3 years since the release of "The rough and Rynge", from the reality of a man who since then has lost a brother and gained a son we give you "The Pitcher".

Long-time friend and associate Craig Schumacher (Wavelab Studio) engineered the recording during 10 days in early june 2013.

It was mixed by Craig at Wavelab and mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering.


Title Video Lyrics
1. The Mariner (Christian Kjellvander) - -
2. The Zenith Sunset (Christian Kjellvander) - -
3. The Trip (Christian Kjellvander) - -
4. The Woods (Christian Kjellvander) X -
5. The Field Before (Christian Kjellvander) - -
6. The Crow (Christian Kjellvander) - -
7. The Valley (Christian Kjellvander) - -
8. The Island (Christian Kjellvander) - -
9. The Bloodline (Christian Kjellvander) - -

Liner notes

All songs written by Christian Kjellvander
Orchestral Arrangements by Martin Schaub
Produced by All Involved

Recorded and Mixed by Craig Schumacher
Recorded 5 –15 June 2013
At The Kjellvander Residence
Strings, Woodwinds and Brass Recorded at SGS
Mixed at WaveLab
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering
Cover artwork by Urban Gyllström

CHRISTIAN KJELLVANDER – Sony C-800G, Audio Technica 4050, AEA 44, Turner Dynamic Legend, Faustino Conde Negra Media Luna, Martin 00-18C, Fender VI,
Gibson SG jr, Magnatone 460, Gibson RTV79, Lovetone.
TIAS CARLSON – Hoyer Special, Silvertone U1, Rickenbacker 381, Gibson LP jr, Fender Twin Reverb, TV front Deluxe, Ceriatone Champ Ultra, Shure SM 57, Zvex.
FREDRIK NORMARK – George Hayman Vibrasonic, Ludwig and Ludwig, Ludwig Green Sparkle, Zildjan.
ANDREAS EJNARSSON – Fender Precision Bass, Bassman 135, Ampeg 8x10, Fulltone TTE, Shure SM 57.
THERESE KJELLVANDER – Audio Technica 4050, AEA 44
CRAIG SCHUMACHER – Hammond B3, Shure SM 57

Schaub Ensemble:
Samuel Runsteen – Franηois Fent, Nicolas Rémy Maire
Pelle Appelin – Bernardus Calcanius, Jean Fritsch
Henrik Edström Wirdefeldt – Joachim Schade
Petra Lundin – John Betts School
Bo Eklund – Lindeman 1886, Gillet
Per Ivarsson – Yamaha, Getzen Eterna KH, Benge
Henrik Nordqvist – Buffet Crampon
Robert Svensson – Bach 36, Bach 50