Christian Kjellvander - I saw her from here/I saw here from her

I saw her from here/I saw here from her

artist Christian Kjellvander
title "I saw her from here/I saw here from her"
format CD
no. STAR 150118-2
release November 7, 2007

I don’t know about you but every autumn I start longing for a new Christian Kjellvander album. Some years it happens……….some years it doesn’t. When it does everything falls into place. It’s obvious that you expect me to tell you how great this album is………and since you all know that I only release albums by artists I love more than life itself………..this is exactly what you’ll get.

In my book Christian is among the great songwriters of this world. Each album completely satisfies my musical needs. If I tell you that this is his best album so far………….will you believe me? No reason not to. I signed Christian Kjellvander to Startracks in 1996. Well…………I actually signed Loosegoats but Christian was included in the package. He was a great songwriter back then and it’s been great seeing him grow as years went by. After releasing several Loosegoats albums and the great Songs of Soil album Christian released hit breakthrough debut “Songs From A Two-Room Chapel” in 2002. In 2005 “Faya” was released and then Christian has been touring ever since with the occasional break. Now “I Saw Her From Here/I Saw Here From Her is done. This album proves my point. He gets better and better every time.


Title Video Lyrics
1. Poppies and peonis (4:28) (Christian Kjellvander) - -
2. When the mourning comes (3:44) (Christian Kjellvander) X -
3. Somewhere else (5:11) (Christian Kjellvander) - -
4. Two souls (2:4) (Christian Kjellvander) X -
5. Bird black sky (3:59) (Christian Kjellvander) - -
6. Son of the coast (4:39) (Christian Kjellvander) - -
7. While the birches weep (4:1) (Christian Kjellvander) - -
8. The road (3:01) (Christian Kjellvander) - -
9. No Heaven (4:42) (Christian Kjellvander) - -
10. Need not worry (4:11) (Christian Kjellvander) - -

Liner notes

The band besides Christian:
Andreas Ejnarsson on bass and Per Nordmark on drums. A few friends dropped by: Karla-Therese Kjellvander on vocals, Tias Carlson on guitar, Daniel Frank on vocals and guitar, Dan Englund played a little pedal steel and Goran Kajfes played some cornet and trumpet.

The album was recorded on 24-track tape in an old mission hall out in the middle of nowhere in southern Sweden. Andreas Ejnarsson recorded. Christian Kjellvander produced.
Pelle Gunnerfeldt mixed at Studio Gröndal. Bjorn Engelman mastered at the Cutting Room.